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Corporate Social Responsibilities

Around 1905, our founding fathers Hussain Bukhsh and Karim Bukhsh set up a small cast iron foundry wayside Lahore’s Branderth Road. Their murshid named it Qadri Foundry, it was first seed of Qadri group which has been converted now into flourishing tree having strong roots.

Winds of revolution had begun to sweep over the Indian subcontinent due to British Raj. Pakistan’s birth in 1947 offered great opportunity for the sons who had come of age. Business expanded with the setup of new metallurgical foundries in the industrial hubs of Karachi and Lahore.

Qadri group takes pride in its employees and wants to develop a corporate culture that promotes social responsibility and welfare. At Qadri group of companies, employees are a key component of its CSR initiatives and their participation enhances what the company contributes to its communities.
Without a sense of caring, there can be no sense of community.

Initiatives for development of corporate sector


PUM is a volunteer organization operated from Netherlands. The organization is committed to the sustainable development of small and medium-size enterprises in developing countries and emerging markets. PUM offers practical expertise within the most important sectors of the economy, giving primary attention to producers and consumers.

Mr. Asim Qadri, CEO of Qadri group, is designated as advisor of PUM for Pakistan. By the grace of Allah, our continued struggle of past 14 years has contributed to the development of corporate sector of Pakistan. We have successfully completed technical and management consulting projects for more than 43 companies and many more are in pipe line. Having strong relationship with business community of Pakistan and being advisor of PUM, we have served almost in all dimensions of business sector in Pakistan.

Pakistan Foundry Association

Pakistan Foundry Association (PFA) started working in 2003, when a few foundries started working on the use of computer simulation technology in Pakistan. To achieve maximum output for the growth and betterment of foundry sector some of the leading foundries teamed up for creating the structure of this great idea. With the help of Small and Medium Enterprise Development Authority of Pakistan (SMEDA), PFA was registered on 15th March, 2004. Qadri group being a founder member of PFA plays integral role in the development of foundry sector. Qadri group facilitates PFA in achieving its objectives by sharing knowledge and technology across the foundry industry of Pakistan for optimization and development of this sector. Over the past 15 years, PFA has contributed to the industry growth by conducting seminars, sharing research papers, and industrial visits.

Financial assistance

Kafalat Initiative:-

Kafalat (financial assistance) initiative is to support our team members, who pass away during the tenure of their service. Being an active member of society Qadri group feels the pain and takes the responsibility for sustenance of those families who are unable to survive after death of their bread earner.

Zakat Distribution:-

Zakat is one of the major financial obligations which every Muslim has to pay once in a year if he is a Sahib-i-Nisab (a minimum prescribed amount by Shariah, which varies for the different categories). Qadri group is one of the pioneer organization in Pakistan who set example to pay this religious obligation as a company in a systematic manner. Financial support provided through Zakat is distributed accurately according to Islamic rules of Zakat distribution. By the Mercy of Allah, Qadri group is supporting many families to get their bread and butter who are less privileged in the society.

Education Support Program:-

Qadri group is committed towards value creation for the society. We aim to financially support the deserving children of our employees and keep track of their progress so that they can continue their education for as long as possible. Through education support program, students are being supported in domain of tuition fee, books and uniform expenses. In the past, more than 1000 students are being facilitated through this initiative and 230 students are currently availing education support while numbers are increasing day by day.

Health, safety and environment

Medical facilities

Health is increasingly becoming a focal point of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), largely due to the recognition that a healthy workforce and community are fundamental to the longevity of a business and success of an economy. Therefore, health initiatives implemented by Qadri group’ are essential part of our CSR programs.

Through sponsored medical centers Qadri group strive on taking employees’ health care to a new level in order to build employee morale, increase overall wellness and decrease absenteeism. Following are the medical centers established under support of Qadri group to provide health facility to our employees and local community.
• Medicare health foundation
• Mother Child care center
• Noor Medicare health foundation

Occupational health and safety

Qadri group of companies has taken safety measures according to the differences in the nature of the work environment at our business units and corporate office. At all business units we have dedicated QHSE department which ensures necessary compliance with all health and safety related matters. The Operations team at all locations fully collaborate in implementing QH&S policies and procedures.

Fire Fighting and Mock Drills

Safety of our employees lies at the core of our operational frameworks. At Qadri group of companies, we have made considerable efforts to equip our employees with fire- fighting skills to enable them to handle unforeseen emergencies. Skilled instructors at our Plants and Head Office conduct practical demonstrations along with theoretical explanations time to time, so that our employees get the knowledge and confidence required to cope with such situations.

Environmental Compliance and Activities

Being an ISO 45001 certified organization, Qadri group of companies is fully aware of its obligations towards protection of the environment & strives to achieve legal compliance. All of our process emissions are tested by internal and external authorities. Qadri group of companies goes the extra mile and focusses on environmental friendly activities such as installing less electricity consuming equipment’s and providing pool transportation facility to staff for continuous reduction in carbon foot prints. Our team appreciate sharing of ideas which results in healthy environmental impact initiatives.

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