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The Early Years… hard labor’s triumph over heavy odds
Our saga spans over a 100 years …… the story of four generations of foundrymen & engineers and our early years of trials and tribulations. Our humble beginnings can be traced back to early-1890s when Muhammad Bukhsh put his two little boys Hussain and Karim to apprenticeship at a tiny cast iron crucible-melting shop.

Around 1905, our founding fathers Hussain Bukhsh and Karim Bukhsh set up a small cast iron foundry wayside Lahore’s Branderth Road..… their murshid named it Qadri Foundry. The family started to be known as QADRI.

Winds of revolution had begun to sweep over the Indian subcontinent. Pitted against heavy odds, the brothers toiled tirelessly through the twilight of the British Raj. There were nights when the children slept hungry ….. the family’s resilience reached new heights.

History turned a page….. Pakistan’s birth in 1947 offered great opportunity for the sons who had come of age. Business expanded with the setup of new metallurgical foundries in the industrial hubs of Karachi and Lahore.

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